How To Start Writing Code



First of all you have to be familiar with the environment.Let me guide you through it

To start writing a program , you will need a folder for your file to be created.

Go on File->New->File…


Select C/C++ Source and then press Go, follow the steps on your wizard and save the file in the path (folder) you want.



And you are ready to start writing code!

If everything went well, you should see this:


In order to start writing commands, you have to include the basic library of c that contains all the input and output functions and commands + your main function in which you will be writing your code (Don’t worry  you will learn how to create your own functions in the future).

The basic library is the , so go ahead and incude that library and create your main function.Here is how:step4

your main program is in your main function’s brackets “{” , “}”.

printf() is an output function that prints your text in your screen. That happens when you compile and run your program. The compile button checks wether you have errors in your code and the run button runs your program. First Compile it and then Run it.Or Click this button to do both at the same time:step5

let me mention that in your main function every command  should have the “;” mark at the end, otherwhise you will get a compiler error!

Congratulations! Your program run well!


You’ve got the idea!

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